Tuesday 24th October 2006
Oh yeah. dE-Void are fucking dead. Twas fun. The site will stay up, I'm taking the lyrics with me and anyone who wants to jam can give me a message on myspace (/de_void). Ciao.

Thursday 24th November 2005
Fixed the error in the gigs section. Uploaded some more lyrics. They're pretty pissy, I know, but still comments would be welcomed. Cheers.

Monday 31st October 2005
Oh neglect - how we love thee.

I have essentially been doing four things this past month - working, partying, going to gigs, and trying to fix this bloody PC. It is still majorly fucked up, but it seems to be having a good day today, so I shall take this opportunity to update a little. For starters, the 'Gig' page will be updated with gigs happening in and around Glasgow that I think you all should check out. I will be attending the majority of them, so if you feel like having a chat with me, do so. Additionally, I will begin working on the Rogue Gallery. But it wont be online for a while, so you don't really have to care about that. And finally, I may just include a few lyrics in the Music section. Huzzah!

Sunday 18th September 2005
Updated Links page. Created a short Bio. It will be updated. Longer version on the Alt. Nation forum, which has been added to the Forum link. A better Forum is being worked on. As is everything else - practising, writing, forums, blah blah blah.

Coming soon - 'Friends of dE-Void' rogue gallery. Look forward to it.

Sunday 11th September 2005
Created Contacts page. Updated Links page.

Wednesday 3rd August 2005
Created News page. Created Links page.

Tuesday 2nd August 2005
Created website. Working out financial and hosting details. Created base graphics and layout style.