Brutality served up on a plate of noise. Refinement in Glaswegian proportions.

Amongst The Arrows
Sweet-sounding soul juice on a par with the elegant breathing of a virginal goddess.

Ugly bowel-churning gargantual moans from the pit of Satan's throat.

The grungiest, dirtiest, greatest product to ever come from Kirky.

Up and coming Glasgow band. Raw and angry rock.

Sloping laid-back chill-rawk.

The Chris Gorman Band
Etheral beauty encompased live with a thick skin of neo-orgasmic bliss.

The Ripoffs
Kirky-based punk band with a difference. Meaningful lyrics behind catchy tunes. One minute pop next minute BANG!

Three Days Born

We Are The Physics
Schizophrenic robo-mutant punk spasms. watPhysics surpasses anything your imagination just conjured up.

What The Dead Know
Intelligent energy. If you only see one Glasgow band live, make it WTDK.

Wrath Oscuro
Vicious, dark and brutal lyricist from 'the South'.