What started out as little more than a way to pass the time between two friends has evolved.

The idealism has captured many all over the globe. Bands have been created on the back of this, and bands have been destroyed on the back of this.

Still the two remained.

Now joined by two fellow-thinkers and a plethora of fans encaptured by the bands words and thoughts, the four have set out to create something physical and captivating from the ideas and messages already abound.

dE-Void are - Chris, Jenni, Ben and Dean. No set role is given to any member, although loosely they are singer, bassist, guitarist and drummer.

They will do whatever it takes to create a physical message to pass on to the world. That message will mean more to one person than it will to the masses. This will be hope, this will be pain, this will be the light at the end of the tunnel and the tunnel itself.

Read their views here. See their faces here. Join the journey here.